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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2019


    Latest Recommended Delivery Dates for Christmas:
    Tue 18 Dec - Standard Delivery 3-4 Days (Royal Mail 2nd Class)
    Thu 20 Dec - Priority Delivery 1-2 Days & Next Day AM (Royal Mail Special Delivery)
    Fri 21 Dec - Next Day AM - Saturday Special (Royal Mail Special Saturday Delivery)

    Splat Shop Christmas / New Years Opening:
    Fri 21 Dec - Open 9-4pm (Next Day Saturday AM delivery only for 24th)
    22 Dec to 01 Jan - Closed (Shop will be closed to public, but some online orders will be sent out)
    Wed 02 Jan - Open as Normal

  • Sherco Trials Clutch Specs 1999>2016

    Clutch Specs:
    Fibre plates are 2.73mm when new
    Steel plates are 1.53mm when new
    Clutch pressure plate is 5.30mm from where the friction plate makes contact to the outer edge.
    Clutch hub is 3.00mm from where the friction plate makes contact to the machined outer edge

    2014 Factory > 2016:
    As above, but these used 4 x standard 2.73mm frictions, and 2 x 3.00mm thick racing fibre plates.

    Common Problems:

    • Old oil / Oil type.  This is the first thing to change, the majority of clutch problems are due to the oil type and not been changed recently.
    • The hub can get quite grooved where the steel plates sit causing problems with clutch slipping and sticking.
    • The basket is prone to getting grooves where the friction plates sit, again causing problems with clutch slipping and sticking.
    • Clutch springs can loose their springiness, the free length of the spring from new should be 45mm, if they get below 44mm they will cause slippage in high gears under high load.
      If the spring have shrunk replace the springs https://www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-clutch-springs.html or we do some washers to put extra tension on the springs https://www.splatshop.co.uk/shim-washer-14x20x1-din-988.html
    • The friction face's on the hub and the pressure plate been out of square, if you have the equipment it might be worth clocking up the friction face and the clamping face to ensure they are parallel to each other, if not you can give the friction faces a quick clean up on the lathe assuming there is enough material left. With these faces being made of aluminium they usually wear more than the friction plates.

    When the bike is new, change the oil more frequently to flush out any metal debris, then I personally change my gear oil every few months so it probably gets changed about every 20 times I ride the bike, this helps keep the clutch working well.

    The oil type makes quite a noticeable difference to the response of the Clutch, Putoline Nano Trans GP is the best oil we've tried in the Sherco, especially with the clutch, it's pretty good with the gear shifting too and it seams to work for a long time before it needs changing. https://www.splatshop.co.uk/putoline-nano-trans-gp.html

    Missing Washer (Major clutch slippage):
    See the picture below for the washer that might be missing that causes very bad clutch slippage (highlighted in red) https://www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-washer-a82035.html
    This washer behind the clutch hub should also be 1mm thick

    The clutch thrust bearing is 2mm thick
    The washer for the above bearing is 1mm thick

  • We-re Hiring : Customer Service - Parts Specialist

    Wanted: Customer Service - Parts Specialist

    Obsessed with Trials? Know the difference between a base gasket & head gasket?

    We’re looking for someone to help with taking orders and customer service.
    Drop in your CVs at jobs@splatshop.co.uk and tag your friends who might fit the bill ☺

  • Sherco 2016 Trials Bike

    Sherco 2016 Riding Photo Sherco 2016 Riding Photo

    All of the models have received new chassis components along with a totally redesigned frame that is made completely out of Chrome-Molybdenum. As for the graphics design, the colour code has been changed to electric blue along with a fluorescent yellow that continues to enhance the strong Sherco identity.

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  • Break in at SplatShop 21/04/2015

    On the 21st April at 11:30pm unfortunately we were broken into at SplatShop. 5 people were involved with the burglary and came in 2 vehicles, please see the pictures below.

    They have stolen:
    2015 - Electric Motion 5.7 Competition - Orange: VF9TL0101CE968177
    2015 - Oset 16.0 Eco: OSET16E4I082
    2015 - Oset 16.0 Racing: OSET16R4I173
    2015 - Oset 20.0 Racing: OSET20R4I131

    48 Pairs of Jitsie Gloves, mixture of the Airtime and T2 Edge / Legend in various sizes.

    If anyone knows of any information that may help, the crime reference is CR16661/15, the police can be contacted on 101. Or please email us: sales@splatshop.co.uk.

    As can be seen in the pictures below, the van they put the Electric Motion in was too small to fit the bike, so they had to leave the backdoors open to drive away, if anyone saw this van driving with the backdoors open in the Sheffield/Chesterfield area last night, it may help.

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  • Splat Sherco Front Mudguard Flap - Fitting

    Fitting a mudflap to your front mudguard helps to keep your bike cleaner in the muddy conditions and it really helps to keep your radiator cleaner which helps prevent your bike from overheating.

    Remove your front mudguard and give it a good wash, we use a dish washing sponge with a scourer as it slight abrades the surface giving the adhesive a better hold.MudFlap-Wash

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  • DIY Heated Grip Fitting


    Here's is a little guide to help you to fit a set of heated grips. Continue reading

  • Setting the cam chain timing on a Sherco 4T Trials Engine



    Read more to see pictures on setting the cam chain timing on a Sherco 4T

    Continue reading

  • A Closer Look At The 2014 Sherco


    We've had the new 2014 Sherco for a few weeks now, so I thought we best share some of the changes we've spotted for this year bike.

    2014 Exhaust Silencer

    The main change for 2014 has got to be the new Exhaust system, many people will be please to see the rear silencer is re-packable.

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  • Charity Raffle - 31 August - Raffle Results

    Raffle is now closed, done and dusted.   It was a great success and raised over £400 for SANDS. Massive thanks to everyone that donated prizes and thanks to all that bought raffle tickets.

    The following prizes were won:
    Harry Whitaker - GasGas Jitsie Gloves (Donated by GasGas UK)
    Andrew Thomas - Wulfsport Winter Neoprene Gloves (Donated by Wulfsport)
    Billy Craig - Torx Trials Helmet (Donated by Apico)
    Billy Craig - GasGas RuckSack (Donated by GasGas UK)
    Mark Cope - Bag of Splats
    Jordan Kent - £80 of GRO Oil (Donated by GRO UK)
    Jordan Kent - Jitsie Dougie Lampkin Riding Shirt (Donated by Jitsie)
    Steve Rodgers - Jitsie Albert Cabestany Riding Shirt (Donated by Jitsie)
    Steve Rodgers - £80 of Trick Bits Guards (Donated by TrickBits)
    Steve Rodgers - Wulfsport Neoprene Winter Riding Gloves (Donated By Wulfsport)
    Rob Martlew - Socket Set
    Steph Anderson - Adjustable Spanner & a bag of Splats
    Mick Dubik - Rubber Matting (Donated by County Conveyors)
    Mick Dubik - 24 Pack of Beer (Donated by Bown Brothers Ltd)
    Jim Bown - Hebo Riding Gloves (Donated by Apico)
    Jonnys Mum - GasGas Wallet & a bag of Splats (Donated by GasGas UK)

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