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DIY Heated Grip Fitting


Here's is a little guide to help you to fit a set of heated grips.


Remove old Grips, use a air line to help get them off.


Clean the handlebar and throttle tube with brake cleaner or isopropyl alcohol so the heating element sticks down well.


Remove the backing paper.


Make sure you have the Clutch element for the clutch side and stick the element down.


Put the wires underneath the handlebars as if you use straps that go over the top of the bars, to transport your bike, these would cut the wires if they went on the top of the bars.


Make sure you put the plastic washer on the throttle side before fitting the throttle side heating element.


Again run the wire underneath so you can strap the bike down without damaging them.


Drill a hole in the plastic potting box, using a piece of wood to support the potting box to help prevent it from breaking, 13mm hole is for the fuse holder and a 6.5mm hole in the other side for the switch. Make sure you leave enough room for the body of the switch.


The water proof IP67 SPDT (on - off - on) switch.


Cut a small length of wire to connect the switch to the fuse holder.


Feed the wire through the hole and bend it over to hold the wire in place while soldering.


Feed the wire through the large 13mm hole and then attach it to the fuse holder.


Add another wire to the top of the fuse holder, it needs to be long enough to reach the power wire for your lighting.


Put heat shrink over the wires as it makes it look neater.


Attach the two white wires, one from each heating element, to one side of the switch, is doesn't matter which side.


Attach the two red wire together on to the other side of the switch.

Connect the two black wires from the heating elements together along with a third wire that will run to a earth point on your bike, so make sure the wire is long enough to reach.

Put a bit of heat shrink tubing over the top of the joint to help insulate it.

Fasten the switch into the box and push the fuse holder into place.

Fill the box with a neutral cure silicone and leave it overnight to set. Make sure it is a neutral or Alkoxy cure, these release alcohol when setting so they don't damage the electric's like Acetoxi cure silicons which release acetic acid (which smells like vinegar), this acid will corrode the copper and other metals in the components and cause future problems.


Fit the grips of your choice, these Domino duel compound grips don't need any glue to hold them in place, they can be a bit tough to fit, use plenty of brake cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, pull them on and leave to dry.

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