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  • SKF Trials Fork Seal Kits

    We have just taken delivery of some fork dust & oil seals from SKF for Paioli, Marzocchi, and Showa forks.

    SKF are claiming over a 20% reduction in friction compared to standard seals, read more about them on the product page.

    Paioli 38mm Fork Seal Kit - Sherco, Beta, Scorpa
    Showa 39mm Fork Seal Kit - Montesa 2000 on
    Marzocchi 40mm Fork Seal Kit - GasGas Pros, Sherco SSDT, Ossas
    Tech 39mm Fork Seal Kit - Sherco 2012 on, Montesa 4RT 2014 on (Not Repsol), JotaGas

    Each kit comes with an oil and dust seal to do 1 leg, so you will need 2 kits to service a complete set of forks.

  • 2012 Sherco Cabestany Replica

    The new 2012 Sherco Cabestany Replica has arrived in the UK for £5,300. for the full press release read more:

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  • Easter Opening / Post

    Happy Easter Everyone...

    Splat Shop will be closed on the 6th & 9th of April, but will be open on the morning of Saturday 7th.

    Due to RoyalMail not working on the 6th & 9th there may be a delay in your orders, we will be sending out all orders placed over this long weekend on Tue 10th.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone, Me and Chris will be riding the Chris Carter & Lomax S3 rounds.

    Tim Pearson

  • Free Pair Of Gaerne Classic Boots...

    If you buy a new 2012 Sherco in the month of February you will receive a pair of Gaerne Classic Boots FREE!

  • Öhlins ILX30 Trials Rear Shock

    ILX30 Trials Rear ShockILX30 TTX-technologyILX30 End View


    The ILX30 is all new for 2012 and based on the TTX30-products. It's suitable for a large number of applications, first of all trial bikes but also twin-shock motorcycles and cross carts as well as snow mobiles.
    The shock absorber is available with a cylinder head permitting locking the top eye at any angle.
    The new ILX30 is based on the Öhlins patented TTX-technology. Both compression and rebound are separately adjustable.
    The ILX30 comes default with manual damping adjustment with Allen screws, has a fixed length end eye and threaded adjustment rings for spring preload.
    Optionals include seal head with ice scraper and nitrile bump rubber.


    • TTX-technology
    • Extruded aluminum tube combines inner- and outer tube
    • Anodized aluminum components
    • 30 mm main piston
    • 12 mm piston shaft
    • Damping adjustment available, with screwdriver or manually
    • 20 click positions
    • Possible to equip with various different valve versions
  • Merry Xmas From Splatshop

    Have a watch of this amazing video of Toni Bou from "Photo By Sergio"


  • 2 Shercos Stolen from SplatShop

    Unfortunately last night, Wednesday the 16th of November, or in the early hours of this morning, Thurs 17th Nov Splatshop was broken into. 2 Sherco trials bikes were taken from our premises, a 2007 Sherco 290 with 2008 plastics and stickers. (Frame no: VNBS129TR6A018036) and a 2011 Sherco 290 (Frame no: VNBS129TR9A023409). The 2011 has white domino grips and a Red number board with number 184, it looks pretty immaculate as we had just got it ready for sale. (sorry no pictures of the 2011).

    If any one has anyone has any information regarding this incident which, you may think we would find useful, please get in touch.
    Call on 01246 453336 or email us at sales@splatshop.co.uk.

    Or if you would like to speak directly with the police
    Call PC 2888 Wilkinson on 0345 123 33 33.
    Incident No: 98-17/11/2011
    Email: christopher.wilkinson.2888@Derbyshire.PNN.Police.uk


    Chris Pearson
    Tel: 01246 453336
    Web: http://www.SplatShop.co.uk/

  • JotaGas - First Photos

    The new JotaGas has been shown at the EICMA show in Milan.

    Read more for photos and press release from Steve Saunders.

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  • Fitting Neoprene Fork Protectors (Socks)

    Neoprene fork protecters help save your stanchions against scratches, heres a small how to on how to fit them.

  • Toni Bou riding a section with the engine stopped

    This is silly...

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