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Engine Splash Guard - Sherco 2016 Onwards - Blue

Engine Splash Guard - Sherco 2016 Onwards - Blue

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Plastic cover to fit around the front exhaust pipe to help stop the engine and radiator getting covered in mud from off the front wheel.


Fitting Guide

Start by removing the front pipe.

Remove the 3 radiator screws.

The Rad should now push back out of the way to let you slide the cover in place.

Slide the cover down behind the frame

Pull the bottom of the cover out infront of the sump plate.

The push the very bottom of the cover back behind the sump plate.

This should leave the 2 side peices infront of the frame holding it nicely in position.

Check the 2 exhaust O-rings and the gasket in the cylinder for damage, replace if necarcessy.

Angle the front pipe to tuck the top part of the clamp piece through the hole.

Rotate the clamp piece around so it lines up as so.

The bottom side should now tuck behind the plastic cover.

Refit the front pipe and bolt it back in place.

Refit the 3 radiator bolts.

As the bolts are tightened up it will slightly bend the top piece over which helps keep the mud from the front wheel away from the radiator.

If the plastic doesn't bend out far enough for your likings, please warm it up with a hot air gun or a hair dryer then bend it as desired. Don't go to far with the bend as will catch on the front mudguard when the suspension is fully compressed.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Part Number SP-EC16-B
Manufacturer Splat Products
Year 2016, 2017, 2018
Model 125, 250, 300

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