Leonelli Twin Map Stator Testing

Testing and checking your Sherco stator plates, only applicable to the Twin Map Leonelli stators.

The trigger, using the diode check mode on a multi meter, you should get reading something like this, don't worry about exact numbers if it is somewhere in the same region.

Using the red lead to the plug terminals and black to earth.
Blue no reading (sometimes shown as 1 or error)

Brown 1000 to 1610

Black 1050 to 1650

Using the leads the other way around i.e. black lead to the coloured wires, red to earth.
Blue 600 to 730
Brown 650 to 770
Black 650 to 770

Also test the resistance's of the other coil wires, leads either way around.
White to red 50 to 100 ohms

Red to green 450 to 550 ohms

Green to white 540 to 640 ohms


The stators don't always totally fail, sometimes they will be intermittently stop working and as such they may test good even if they are bad. Symptoms of a failing stator are backfiring, hard starting and hot engine.

It is also worth checking the ignition coils primary and secondary resistances.

We offer a repaired stator on a exchange basis, these repaired stators are very reliable, as the part that commonly goes is replaced with a very good reliable component.

Or we can provide a brand new twin map stator unit.

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