Ohlins Trials Rear Shock Absorbers


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One of the best rear shock absorbers made for Trials bikes.

The Ohlins shock is fully rebuildable allowing it to be serviced keeping it in top condition, it also allows the shock damping characteristics to be adjusted to suit the rider.

It comes with spring pre-load adjustment and a external damping adjuster.

The 40, 65, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100 and the progressive 62-74 N/mm are genuine Ohlins springs but unfortunately Ohlins don't make the 47.5 and 55N/mm option so these 2 options are made to the Ohlins technicians own specs to fill the gap between the 40 and 65 springs.
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Ohlins Sherco Shock
Ohlins Trials Rear Shock Absorbers

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    Set Up Instructions

    Damping Click Adjuster

    The shock is set at 15 clicks on the adjuster.

    The adjuster is set by turning it clockwise until it stops (not too tight!).
    This is zero full damping (maximum hard).

    Count the clicks as you unscrew.

    The normal range is between 10 and 15 clicks. If the suspension packs down over multiple bumps you have to much damping unscrew the adjuster (anti-clockwise) 1 click at a time till it is ok. If the bike is bouncing off obstacles you have too little damping and need to turn the adjuster in (clockwise) again 1 click at a time.

    Spring Preload

    Preload on the spring is very important, because it affects the height of the motorcycle and the fork angle. Consequently the handling characteristics can be changed, even negatively.

    The basic setting is as follows:

    GasGas 2002>2011: 4mm preload
    GasGas 2012 on: 8mm preload
    Sherco 125cc - 300cc: 4mm preload
    Beta Evo 125cc - 290cc: 7mm preload
    Montesa 4RT: 8mm preload
    Jotagas: 8mm preload
    TRS: 5mm preload

    The spring will already be set with the standard amount of preload, which should be a good starting point.

    It’s a good idea to check the ride height. Put the bike on the stand so the rear wheel is off the ground.
    Take a note of the measurement from the wheel spindle up to a point on the rear mudguard.
    Now take the bike off the stand and stand on the bike in the normal riding position. Check the measurement again from the wheel spindle to your reference point.

    This measurement should be around 85-90mm less than the first measurement (45-50% of the total stroke).

    You should adjust the spring preload to achieve the required measurement.

    If you need to adjust more than +/- 3mm, then you may need an alternative spring.

    Spring stiffness guide based on rider weight

    Spring Rate

    40 N/mm

    47.5 N/mm

    55 N/mm

    65 N/mm


     70 N/mm

    75 N/mm

    80 N/mm

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    Rider Weight (KG)














    6 - 8

    8 - 9.5 

    9.5 - 11 

    11 - 12.5

    12.5 - 14

    13.5 - 15

    14.5 - 17

    More Information
    Manufacturer Ohlins
    Sherco Part Code C158, C268, C476, C727, 1092, 1522
    Beta Part Code 007330400 000, 007332400 000, 10-03727, 10-03724
    GasGas Part Code BT280314004, BT300002809, BT30000013012, BT30000023012, BT300003013
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