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  • BDI - DPM Aluminium Silencer End Piece - GasGas 2010 Onwards
    High quality aluminium replacement end cap tip for the GasGas silencers from 2010 onwards. Comes with rivets & screws. To fit you will need to drill this end cap with a 5mm drill to suit your silencer, then silicone and rivet into place.
  • Splat - Titanium Front Pipe - GasGas Pro 2002 Onwards
    Super light titanium exhaust front pipe to fit the Gas Gas Pro trials bikes from 2002 onwards. OEM manufacturer for the perfect fit. Weight ≈ 450g
  • Jitsie 2017
  • Splat - Titanium Front Pipe - Sherco 2014>, Scorpa 2015>
    Super light titanium exhaust front pipe to fit: Sherco trials from 2014 onwards Scorpa trials from 2015 onwards OEM manufacturer for the perfect fit. Weight ≈ 360g
  • Black / Red
    The Jitsie Glow jacket is a great all weather jacket for trials. Its waterproof, windproof and breathable outer shell ensures optimal riding comfort in even the worst weather conditions. A must have jacket for the SSDT! Features: * waterproof and breathable outer shell * taped seams * hassle free minimalist neck closure * adjustable stretch cuffs * side vents prevent overheating * detachable hood * multiple pockets * SSDT approved by Dougie Lampkin
  • SKF Fork Oil & Dust Seal Kit - Tech 39mm Forks
    Fork seal kit suitable for Tech 39mm forks Fits: Gas Gas Raga 12-13, Jotagas 2012, Sherco 11-13 1 x Fork Oil Seal 1 x Dust Wiper Seal Suitable for 1 fork leg, you will need 2 kits to service a complete set of forks. Dimensions To fit oil seal: 39x51x8/10.5 (SKF Dimensions: 39x51.1x7.7, Dust: 39x52.3)
  • Ohlins Sherco Shock
    One of the best rear shock absorbers made for Trials bikes. The Ohlins shock is fully rebuildable allowing it to be serviced keeping it in top condition, it also allows the shock damping characteristics to be adjusted to suit the rider. It comes with spring pre-load adjustment and a external damping adjuster.

  • Costa Special Parts
  • Jitsie 2017 L3 Data


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