Öhlins Racing has been an intricate part of the motorsport industry for more than 30 years. Kenth Öhlin was a motocross rider who openly admits that he was never the most proficient of riders; always having more luck constructing exhaust pipes, engines and shock absorbers, rather than riding. During the 1970's he worked on many of his friends' bikes and finally decided that he should start his own business. However, he soon found that he had taken on too much of a challenge and so decided with his accountant that the best step to take would be to just focus on shock absorbers.

Öhlins’ shock absorbers were fitted for the first time on a world champion bike in 1978. Russian rider, Gennady Moiseev rode the KTM in the motocross 250cc class. Since then, Öhlin has had many successes with high profile riders and companies, and still continues to take great pride in a well-run and continually developing company.

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