Dog Turd Inserter Tool

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Screwdriver style tool used for inserting tubeless tyre repair strip commonly know in the trials world as dog turds.
To use the dog turds you first need to find the hole in the tyre, putting it in water will help, look for bubbles of air. Remove one of the dog turds from the backing paper and insert it into the hook on the end of the insertion tool, the turd needs to be central i.e. equally length either side of the tool. Then push the tool with the turd directly into the puncture hole taking care not to push the turd all the way through, ideally you want to leave about 20mm of each end of the turd sticking out of the tyre. Then turn the tool 1/2 a turn in either direction and pull the tool out, hopefully the turd will stay in the hole and seal the leak.
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