Montesa Cota 315R Piston Kit

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S3 Montesa Cota 315R Piston Kit - Size A
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S3 Montesa Cota 315R Piston Kit - Size B
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Montesa 315r Piston - Size C
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S3 - Montesa Cota 315R Piston Ring Set
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Montesa 315r Gudgeon Pin
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Montesa 315r Piston C-clip
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Montesa 315r Little End Bearing
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Montesa 315 Cylinder Base Gasket
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Montesa 315 Exhaust Gasket
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Montesa 315r Cylinder Head Gasket - Discontinued
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Discontinued Parts - Honda have now discontinued the 315, the original pistons and rings are no longer available. S3 have made a replacement Piston Kit and Rings, the S3 kit comes complete with the Gudgeon Pin, Rings, & C-Clips. The S3 rings are the same as the originals and can be used on the original pistons

Please select the correct size piston along with new Piston Rings, Gudgeon Pin, Piston C-Clips and gaskets if required.

The pistons come in sizes A, B & C. Size A is the largest of the pistons, each letter size up decreases the piston diameter by 0.007mm, the size is etched on to the top of the piston.

Piston Sizes

LetterSizePart numberTo fit min Cylinder size
C 72.158 to 72.165mm 13103-NN3-000 72.200 to 72.208mm
B 72.165 to 72.172mm 13102-NN3-000 72.208 to 72.215mm
A 72.172 to 72.180mm 13101-NN3-000 72.215 to 72.223mm

The factory recommended piston to cylinder tolerance for the 250 is 0.035 to 0.050 mm, if you are considering putting the next size up piston in please be aware that your original piston will have worn down and any wear in the cylinder is unlikely to be uniform down the bore so please check the bore size all the way down the cylinder and from left to right as well as front to back. The piston is measured front to back and 15mm up from the bottom of the skirt, be aware that the pistons are manufacture tapered (larger at the bottom) and oval (larger front to back) to allow for unequal expansion of the piston in use.

More Information
Manufacturer Montesa
Montesa / Honda Part Size A 13101-NN3-000, Size B 13102-NN3-000, Size C 13103-NN3-000
Year 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Model 250
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