Sherco 80cc Piston Kit

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Comes supplied with new Piston Rings, Gudgeon Pin and Piston C-Clips

The pistons come in sizes A, B, C & D. Size A is the smallest of the pistons and is usually what the bikes come with from the factory but not always, each letter size up increases the piston diameter by 0.01mm, the size is etched on to the top of the piston.

Piston Sizes

A 44.43mm

B 44.44mm

The recommended piston to cylinder tolerance for the 80 is 0.02 to 0.03mm, if you are considering putting the next size up piston in please be aware that your original piston will have worn down and any wear in the cylinder is unlikely to be uniform down the bore so please check the bore size all the way down the cylinder and from left to right as well as front to back, the factory measure the piston and cylinders at 24 degrees C. The piston is measured front to back and 19mm up from the bottom of the skirt, be aware that the pistons are manufacture tapered (larger at the bottom) and oval (larger front to back) to allow for unequal expansion of the piston in use.

Size A 44.43mm
16mm Gudgeon Pin by 35.5mm long
Centre of the gudgeon pin to the top edge of the piston 24mm
Overall height 56mm
Height from top to the edge of the piston 4.0mm
Weight including rings, gudgeon pin and C-clips 122 grams

More Information
Manufacturer Sherco
Sherco Part Code M720
Year 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013
Model 80
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