SKF Fork Oil & Dust Seal Kit - Paioli 38mm Forks

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Fork seal kit suitable for Paioli/Ceriani 38mm forks

Fits Sherco, Beta and some Scorpa trials bikes with the Paioli forks.

1 x Fork Oil Seal (38x50x7.6/11)
1 x Dust Wiper Seal (38x50.5x5/12.45)
1 x Fork Seal Retaining Clip

Suitable for 1 fork leg, you will need 2 kits to service a complete set of forks.

For oil height settings please see the link below:
Fork Oil Levels - Sherco 2006 to 2011

Laboratory tests verified that SKF fork seals reduce friction by more than 20% and keeping it constant during the operation. Stick-slip was also reduced when compared to standard seals. Diagrams 1 and 2 show the load distribution over the stroke of the fork (spikes represent vibrations) and the value of the friction generated by the seals during operation (force) both in the case of chrome plated and hard coated rod. In field tests, riders experienced a much smoother feeling that results in better accuracy and more comfort.

The sealing system for the ultimate riding experience

The oil and wiper seals have been specially designed to provide the following benefits:

  • compatible with a wide range of original equipment and aftermarket oils 
  • increase seal life and performance 
  • enhance water and dirt protection capability and withstand UV light 
  • maintain low and constant friction in operation
  • reduce wear and air suction.
More Information
Manufacturer SKF
Sherco Part Code R070, R071, R096
Beta Part Code 10-41470, 10.41470, 1041471 000, 001041471000, 10-41461, 10.41461, 1041461 000, 007.34.924.00.00
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