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Splat - Paioli Fork Bush - Top of Lower Leg
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Aftermarket front fork bushings to fit Paioli and Ceriani suspension forks.

Sold individually.

The bush for the top of the lower leg is a slightly tighter fit than the original, but unfortunately the originals are no longer available, so we recommend very slightly filing the gap with a very small needle file, then heat the aluminium lower leg up and lightly greasing the outer surface of the bush and the inner of the lower leg to help the bush to press in. We use a plastic pipe to press the bush into place but some fork seal drivers will also work.

Sherco Trials bikes from 1999 to 2011
Beta Techno, Rev 3, Evo from 1996 to present
Scorpa from 2001 to 2007
Montesa 315r 1997 to 1999
GasGas Contact JT 1994 (some 1995)

Top of lower leg bush:
On the 2001 to 2005 Sherco trials bikes they are used in pairs on either side of the fork so 4 are required per bike. In 2006 the design of the forks changed so they now only use one bush per side so only 2 are required per bike.

42mm Outer diameter
38mm Inner diameter
12mm Depth

Sherco: R133; Beta: 13-99940; GasGas: S235102; Scorpa: 8071, Montesa: 51414-NN3-000

Bottom of stanchion bush:
38.7mm Outer diameter
36.7mm Inner diameter
20mm Depth

Sherco: R134, R071; Beta: 13-99930; GasGas: S235112, ST950212; Scorpa: 8151; Montesa: 51415-NN3-000

More Information
Manufacturer Splat Products
Sherco Part Code R133, R134, R071
Beta Part Code 13-99940, 1399940 000, 001399940000, 13-99930, 1399930 000, 001399930000
GasGas Part Code S235112, S235102
Scorpa Part Code 8071, 8151
Montesa / Honda Part 51414-NN3-000, 51415-NN3-000
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